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The Only Lamp Designed By Science

The Berkeley Lamp II was developed by Full Spectrum Solutions in partnership with the California Lighting Technology Center at the University of California, Davis with support from California utilities and funding from the California Commission's PIER Program, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The original Berkeley Lamp was developed as a high-quality, energy-efficient alternative to overhead lighting.
The lighting system increases visibility while reducing energy use by allowing
the overhead lighting system to be turned down or off.
Although originally developed for hospitality and residential applications,
further studies have shown similar benefits in small commercial
and home offices as it is ideally suited for computer tasks.

The Berkeley Lamp II has been developed based on the
success of the original Berkeley Lamp but engineered
with improved optics, performance and reliability.

The Berkeley Lamp II combines task and ambient lighting all under
one shade. Added convenience of a bonus 120v power outlet at the
base of the lamp, and quality dimming technology adjusts both 91
CRI bulbs independently from 100–20% for maximum comfort.
It has been designed to fit any aesthetic with multiple shades,
and two color temperature bulbs available (5500K & 3500K).


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Protected By U.S. Patent #6,318,880
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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