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Berkeley Lamp II

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Hotel Lighting
Ambient Lighting
Office Lighting
Task Lighting
Patented Technology – Advanced Lighting Performance
Exclusive Features:

• Task and ambient lighting all under   one shade  click here for animation

• Versatile design with multiple shade   choices. (Custom shades available)

• Two independent, fully dimmable   lamps for upward, downward or   combined lighting

• High Definition lighting technology   featuring BlueMax™ scotopically
  enhanced lamps.

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Protected By U.S. Patent #6,318,880
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Evironmentally Conscious Berkeley Lamp IIEnvironmentally Conscious
The Berkeley Lamp II uses 100% post-consumer packaging materials, and is an energy saving lighting source.

• Choice of BlueMax™ 91 CRI, 3500K   Sunset or 5500K Daylight Bulb

• Upper ambient lighting
• Flicker-free electronic ballast allows for   reliably smooth dimming

• Lower task lighting
• Added convenience of a bonus power   supply outlet

• Electronic dimming controls